Calling all mer-folk and mer-curious…

  • Are you fascinated by mermaids, or even identify as one?
  • Do you find water incredibly healing and love soaking for hours at hot springs?
  • Are you enticed by the idea of spending a weekend at hot springs with mer-folk, playfully and sacredly embracing the healing powers of mermaids and water?
  • Are you ready to connect more deeply with your body, your sensuality, get out of the office cubicle, and feel alive again?
  • Do you think it sounds like fun to swim with a mermaid tail on?
  • Are you a mer-man or the “tender” /partner of a mermaid who wants to spend the weekend in solidarity and support with mermaid goddesses?

Featuring Special Guest Mermaid Hannah Fraser!

Hannah is a professional underwater mermaid, creating her own functional yet highly exquisite mermaid tails. A dedicated Ocean activist, Hannah travels the world performing for charity projects to commercial ventures to bring awareness to the ocean and it’s precious animal life. Hannah performs in exotic locations appearing in numerous movies and shoots swimming in the open ocean with sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, manta rays and more.

Learn more about Hannah

About the Mystical Mermaid Retreat

pearlsWe come together as mer-folk to step fully into our beauty, freedom & self-expression, and to support one another in doing so!  We come together to raise awareness about the ocean and its magnificent creatures, and to understand how we can each be of service to the planet and her creatures through our sacred mermaid play. We come together to share song, dance, make art, commune with water and spirit, swim in tails, prance around fashionably, and connect with a deep sense of wonder, play, beauty, and community.

Bring your “pearls of wisdom” to share, your Mer-stories, songs or other Mer-offerings.  Be part of the mermaid fashion show and talent share, and dance in a sea of delight at the Mermaid Ball.

Enjoy mermaid workshops and art projects each day, with plenty of time for yoga, swimming, soaking, and sharing delicious food, giggles, and shopping for delicious mermaid adornments at the vendor area.

Who Is Invited:

* Mystical mer-folk from around the world who want to connect and share their mythic gifts together
* Mermaid enthusiasts in search of a tail and a dive into this mythic realm
* Creative Mer-artisans who wants to share Mermaid arts and crafts, and Mershoppers who love them
* Mystics who wants to hang out in the deep end of the pool
* Mercurious or aspiring Mermaids recovering from the daily grind by soaking in warm mineral springs
* Mer-men! And…since this is a feminine-focused event, any other male guests should be escorted by a mermaid and be willing to “tend to her needs.”  This role is often referred to as a “Mertender”.

Logistical Information

i-confcenter5About the Location

Our conference center is a private part of Harbin Hot Springs that has its own warm pools, as well as full access to Harbin’s larger pools, yoga, massage, water dance/watsu, and many miles of beautiful nature walks.

Harbin has a “no cell phone” policy and “no photos” except in our designated mermaid photo area.

Cost & What You Get

Join us for only $295. This fee includes: all meals, retreat activities, an outdoor camping area and full access to the rest of Harbin.  The price of camping is included in this fee, and you can camp anywhere at Harbin. BYO camping gear. If you’d prefer to stay in a dome or room, you may also choose to rent a room at Harbin for an additional fee. Most indoor accommodations at Harbin are a short walk from the retreat center area we will be using.

Our caterer has gluten-free and vegan options available!


This event is BYOT (bring your own tail!) or you can also purchase one at the event.  Attire is “shells-optional” for tops. There will be no photos taken except in the voluntary photo booth area.

*NOTE: This is not a nude event. Harbin Hot Springs allows nudity ONLY in and around their pools, not in the main areas. Our conference center is secluded and distinct from the rest of Harbin Hot Springs, but the pools are within a 5 minute walk. Only the retreat participants will be allowed in our retreat area – no non-merfolk guests. We have our own two pools. “Shells optional” means that merfolk are not required to wear tops, but there is no pressure one way or the other. It is just an option for women who want to feel free and empowered in a merpositive environment.

Getting There

Harbin Hot Springs is about a 3 hour drive from San Francisco International Airport. You can rent a car at the airport or try to find someone to carpool or share the cost of a rental car with. If you are interested in offering a ride or sharing a ride, please join the event on Facebook and post there with what you need or want to offer!

Who is Welcome

This event is primarily geared towards female-identified folks. If you identify as female and want to “get your mermaid on,” you are fully welcome to attend as a mermaid (including trans-women).

We love and welcome Mer-men too!

Any other male-identified folks who want to come as the guest of a mermaid, we ask that you come in a spirit of service… being there to tend to the needs of your mermaid and the community. This role is often referred to as a “Mer-tender.”

This event is intended for adults only.


Space is limited to 100 Mer-guests and this retreat WILL SELL OUT! Get your ticket now!

If you would like to be a vendor, please send in the vendor application. Space is limited.

Ticket sales close on Sept 4, 2014!